Remembering Hurricane Katrina Neighborhoods

The Remembering Site worked closely with the Harvard Medical School staff of the Hurricane Katrina Community Advisory Group to develop a special chapter titled "Remembering Katrina Neighborhoods," making it easy for an individual to work on a story about his or her old  neighborhood or town, as much, or as little as they'd like, either in one sitting, or over several weeks or months.

These questions give anyone whose neighborhood was affected by Hurricane Katrina a chance to record memories of their neighborhoods as they were before Hurricane Katrina. The Remembering Site allows anyone, anywhere to write, share, and publish autobiographies. By posing evocative questions, the site enables respondents to write their life stories that are archived for posterity and that can be made publicly available on the site or published in paperback. 

If you are a member of the Hurricane Katrina Community Advisory Group and have expressed interest in participating in this unique opportunity, please follow the instructions e-mailed to you regarding registration with The Remembering Site.  New members are not being accepted for the Advisory Group, but you are welcome to register by clicking "Join Now" at the home page.  You would then have access to all Remembering Site questions, including  the "Remembering Katrina Neighborhoods" chapter.

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