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1. Dedication Chapter[Show Questions]
2. Just The Facts[Show Questions]
3. Your Family and Ancestry[Show Questions]
4. The House of Your Growing Up[Show Questions]
5. Childhood/Neighborhood[Show Questions]
6. Elementary School Years[Show Questions]
7. Life in a Small Town[Show Questions]
8. Holidays and Celebrations[Show Questions]
9. High School[Show Questions]
10. College[Show Questions]
11. Military Career[Show Questions]
12. Homefront[Show Questions]
13. Entertainment[Show Questions]
14. Careers[Show Questions]
15. Gallup Organization Questions on Leadership[Show Questions]
16. Romance and Relationships[Show Questions]
17. Parenthood[Show Questions]
18. The House You Raised Your Family In[Show Questions]
19. Favorites[Show Questions]
20. Food[Show Questions]
21. Moments From Your Adult Life[Show Questions]
22. Politics and History[Show Questions]
23. Your Community[Show Questions]
24. Your House Now[Show Questions]
25. Everyday Life[Show Questions]
26. Habits[Show Questions]
27. Appearance[Show Questions]
28. Grandparenthood[Show Questions]
29. Travels and Leisure Time[Show Questions]
30. Vehicles[Show Questions]

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Moods, Attitudes and Philosophies

1Do you like rainy days? What do you do on them?
2As an old dog, have you learned new tricks?
3What heroic attributes do you have? What not-so-heroic-at-all attitudes do you have?
4Would you say you're a doer or a procrastinator?
5Would you say you're blessed? How so?

32. Looking Back or 20/20 Hindsight[Show Questions]
33. Hard Questions[Show Questions]
34. Heavy Questions[Show Questions]
35. Add Questions and Family Documents[Show Questions]
36. Special Chapter on Personal or Family Medical History[Show Questions]
37. Special Community Chapter on Living with AIDS[Show Questions]
38. Special Community Chapter on Surviving Cancer[Show Questions]
39. Special Community Chapter on Being African American[Show Questions]
40. Special Community Chapter on Katrina Neighborhoods[Show Questions]
41. Special Community Chapter on Surviving Hurricane Katrina[Show Questions]
42. Special Community Chapter on Being Gay / Life as a Homosexual[Show Questions]
43. Special Chapter on Religion and Spirituality[Show Questions]
44. Test chapter[Show Questions]